Our Staff is Here to Help You Understand Horsepower

When you are car shopping you are sure to have heard the term "horsepower" used more than once. Horsepower can range anywhere from 100 all the way to 400. How do you know what is right for you?

Horsepower is a term used in the car industry to describe how much power that vehicle has. The higher the number in the horsepower category the more power that vehicle has. The term has been used for hundreds of years. More horsepower is not always better. The more horsepower your car produces, the less efficient your car with be when burning fuel. This means reduced miles per gallon. You can still get all the horsepower you need with average fuel consumption.

To find the balance between the proper horsepower for your driving style find your next used car in Painted Post, NY. Our team at Chilson-Wilcox would be glad to help you find the proper fit for your needs.

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